02/25/2018 Sunday

Masbate Island

Masbate Island were formed out of volcanic rocks over one hundred million years before man made his appearance in the tropical regions of the earth. People made tools of stone, bone, and wood. Some of these very early stone stools and bones have been found in Masbate. Masbate Island lies exactly at the center of the Philippine archipelago between latitudes 11o43 north and 123o09 east and 124o5 east. It is bounded on the north by Vurias and Ticao Pass, east by San Bernardino Strait, south by the Visayan Sea, and west by the Sibuyan Sea.
Underwater Adventure

Whale Shark Visit
The Biggest Fish In the world "Whale Sharks" have called Masbate waters home for many years. Recently, there has been a significant increase which is perhaps related to the small shrimp invasion...
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Hotel and Resorts
Nursery, Masbate City
Tel. 011.6356.333.6241
Best Place to relax and enjoy.
Bituon Beach Resort
Mobo, Masbate.
A favorite site for picnic during weekends.
Bontod Beach
Masbate City
Ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.
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News & Updates
Masbate Ferry has capsized during a freak storm, kills 40 people,
Romblons inclusion in 62-M coastal devt program including masbate ,
Masbate buries 60 bodies washed up on shores
Typhon "Frank" maintains strength, threatens Masbate,